Why WordPress is so popular?

WordPress combines simplicity for users and publishers.This makes it flexible while still being easy-to-use. WordPress, making it easy for you to manage your own website’s content.

Let’s briefly go over the four main reasons why WordPress is so popular :

It’s free :

Although users will need to secure web hosting and a domain name before getting to use it, the WordPress platform itself is entirely free to download and use.

It’s highly flexible and customizable :

WordPress has many applications – from blogging and creating an online portfolio to build an eCommerce store. WordPress also welcomes community developers. As a result, many theme and plugin options are available in the official WordPress library and third-party depositories.

It’s a scalable platform :

WordPress can handle websites of any size as long as the web hosting plan has the necessary resources. There’s no need to migrate to a different platform once the website takes off.

It’s relatively easy to use :

Compared to hand-coding a website from scratch, WordPress requires significantly less technical knowledge. Tweaking it with code is still an option, but it’s possible to build beautiful, fully functional websites with just the graphical user interface.

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